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Who are we?

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Hi, my name is Matthew Bender and I am the Founder of DreamWorks Painting and Design. 

A little about me:

I started at a young age in the industry and I guess you could say I have been working with painting, design and remodeling most of my life. Some of my work has been seen on HGTV, I am a nationally recognized designer and I have been certified by the Master Painters Institute.

After September 11th, 2001 I joined the United States Army and served 18 months in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Photo: I'm on the left.

After I returned in 2004 (with a new-found appreciation for running water) I followed my passion and began putting together the All-Star-Rockin team that is today DreamWorks Painting and Design. I love what I do and have alot of fun doing it. For me its not just a "paint job" or a "remodel" its a "design"..meaning I actually care about the finished product and I love to see my creative vision come to life.

The concept of 'DreamWorks' was born from our creative passion and built around an All-Star team with years of experience in painting, remodeling and design. We saw a 'Nightmare' out there in the way business was typically done in the contracting industry and wanted to offer our clients a truly unique, never-before-seen experience.

First, we wanted to earn our clients' business with straightforward, honest pricing. NO hidden cost, NO crazy sales gimmicks.

We then wanted to provide REAL professional design/color consults on every job for free. (Yes...FREE!) The crazy idea behind that was 1.) If we take the time to work with you and develop a creative'll appreciate that and trust your project to us, and 2.) If your project looks awesome your friends/family/neighbors will be impressed and then they'll trust their projects to us.

Lastly, we vowed to stand behind our work and put a 2-year warranty on every job. We do the right thing the first time...NO babysitting...NO nightmares...Guaranteed!

Matt Bender, Founder

Our DreamWorks Staff:
Matthew Bender - President
Pamela Bender - Office/Production Manager
Sandy Patten - Head Designer

DreamWorks Painting & Design
(630) 999-8140
(815) 521-9000
Servicing the Chicagoland Area